In 1995, a summer kids program was started, simply called KiDZONE, in two neighbourhoods in Waterloo. Incorporating games, skits, puppets and songs in an impacting, dynamic program, KiDZONE was an outreach unlike anything in the city. The community’s response to KiDZONE was overwhelming and it quickly grew.

The difference with KiDZONE has always been a genuine interest in helping the entire family. Workers would visit families the day before KiDZONE to build relationships and see if they could meet any practical needs.

At the end of the summer, the KiDZONE volunteers decided to keep the program going, stopping only in extreme weather, but always visiting families, rain or shine. Soon, KiDZONE expanded and moved to working within Community Centres, partnering with both the City of Kitchener and the Community Associations and running all year round as an after school program.

Since then, KiDZONE Urban Ministries has expanded into a larger organization and runs many programs throughout the year to bless the families in the community. Some of the programs include: the After School Program, Camps, Shining Star and other outreach events.