Country Hills
Community Centre

100 Rittenhouse Rd. Kitchener
3:30 - 4:30pm


Chicopee Centreville Community Centre

141 Morgan Ave. Kitchener
3:20pm - 4:20pm


Victoria Hills Community Centre

10 Chopin Dr. Kitchener
3pm - 4pm



The goal of the KiDZONE After School program is to communicate positive messages to kids of all ages through an engaging, dynamic and interactive program.  We do this through skits, songs, games, activities and most importantly personal relationships. The kids are taught many practical lessons like how to be responsible about their uniqueness and value, to respect their peers and authority and to be careful in potentially dangerous neighbourhoods.

KiDZONE operates from September to June at three different locations in Kitchener-Waterloo. The sites are stationed at community centres in areas where there is identifiable need.

From the very beginning, KiDZONE Urban Ministries has helped families personally and practically.  The day before KiDZONE, volunteers visit families at their homes to meet parents, build relationships with the kids and look for ways we can help, whether its food, clothes or simply a listening ear.

Feeding Program
KiDZONE has started a feeding program where six times in the year the kids are able to enjoy a sit down family style meal. The meal will provide nutrients for the kids as well as an opportunity to build deeper connections with each other.

In the summer of 2000, KiDZONE held the first, Camp Dunamis, a day camp for kids who attended KiDZONE during the school year.  Since then, KiDZONE has provided an opportunity each summer for the kids to experience camp. We have done both overnight camps as well as day camps, where they are able to enjoy a week full of games, lessons and building relationships. These camps are made possible because of the generous community donations which enable KiDZONE to off the camps to the kid and families with no cost.